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About Us

Welcome to the Vault of Ghastly Tales.

Here you will find the finest selection of horror fiction, films and games in existence. From macabre masters such as Poe and Lovecraft, to the No Sleep and creepypasta communities, the Vault of Ghastly Tales offers a place for horror fans to get their teeth into the best the genre can offer, without having to wade through the innumerable stories of lesser quality out there.

A Sordid History

In 2012 Michael Whitehouse created Ghastly Tales, a horror brand aimed at producing original books, films, games, narrations, and audio dramas within the horror genre. A cornerstone of this endeavour was the Ghastly Tales blog, where Michael shared his favourite classic and contemporary horror stories with the online horror community.

For the first year or so Ghastly Tales focussed heavily on the stories and books Michael had created which had garnered a large audience online. Eventually, Michael was joined by Calum MacPhail, Martin Yates, and Alan Graham (director, writer, and artist, respectively), to help create original horror to chill the Ghastly Tales audience to its very soul. Shortly afterwards, Ghastly Tales increased its demonic ranks with Mik Maes, copy editor and storyteller in his own right, and Chris McMahon, a fellow Glaswegian actor and filmmaker.

Through their combined efforts, the Ghastly tales team has established itself on Youtube and Facebook, producing narrations, short films, and horror discussion videos for a growing audience.

In 2015, the Ghastly Tales blog was transformed and relaunched as the Vault of Ghastly Tales, home of true horror, and a place where writers can submit their horror masterpieces.

A Seeping Light in the Black of Night

The content Ghastly Tales produces can be found in the following places:

Ghastly Tales Online
The Ghastly Tales Horror Show on Libsyn and iTunes
Books by Michael Whitehouse on Amazon

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love this eclectic culmination of talent!
    Michael & Martin! Your stories are whispers of horror and suspense that chill me to my very bone. Martin's narratives and esoteric tales are lullabies to my ears. Michael delights me with his clever stories that have me bitting my nails, perched "on the edge of my seat" in suspended anticipation of what comes next! I can never tell. i often leave with goosebumps on my skin and ghosts in my head.
    Whitney you have such a clear, silly voice and your annunciation is impeccable!
    My beloved Ghastly Tales Team - I am enchanted by your narrations, besotted with your tales and eagerly anticipate the many years of enjoyment! Well done, very well done indeed.