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Submit a Story

At Ghastly Tales we strive to encourage writers as best we can. For that reason we guarantee that we will read your submission with care and respect. There are no guidelines as to what we will post on the site, all we ask is that you proofread your story as best you can.

All copyright for submitted stories remains with you the author,  however, by submitting your works to us, you are giving us permission to:

All of your works will be credits, and we'd be delighted to promote anything else you might be working on.

To submit your story, please send an email to ghastlytales@gmail.com containing the following:

1) Your name (pen names and aliases are welcome)

2) The title of your story

3) The story itself

4) Any website/social media links you would like us to include

If your story doesn't quite make it the first time around, then don't give up! We will try to give you some pointers to improve it if you wish to resubmit, however we do receive a lot of submissions, so please be patient.

If your story is approved then we will ask you for a short bio to include in the author's section, where your name will sit alongside horror greats like Poe and Lovecraft, as well as the current generation of fantastic authors. Our editorial process is a simple one - if your story is a well written and effective story, we'll post it.

We look forward to you scaring us!

~ The Ghastly Tales Team