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Monday 11 March 2013

'I Now Shut and Lock the Windows Every Night' by Jeanius12

It was a normal night as I was watching TV in bed while playing on my laptop when I took off my headphones to hear my boyfriend talking in his sleep. This was not uncommon because he has had full-on random conversations with me in which he swore the next day never happened.

Anyways, he had been asleep for an hour or so when I finally started to turn everything off and go to sleep. All of a sudden he turned to me and mumbled that Brandon wants me to shut the window in the living room. Not knowing who or what he was talking about as usual when he’s sleeping, I kind of brushed it off and got even more comfortable in bed. Then, he sat straight up and sternly said

“Seriously Jean, Brandon Fenster said to shut the window!“ and laid right back down and was out like a light as if nothing happened.

This is when I freaked out a little.

I had a childhood friend that had passed away from a car accident years back and that was his name. I had told my boyfriend about the incident but I don’t remember ever mentioning his name. Weirded out, I got up to shut and lock the window. I guess when I went to shut the window, I woke my boyfriend up and when I went back he asked what I was doing. I explained to him what he said and what he told me to do, he laughed it off told me I was hearing what I wanted to hear and have been watching too many scary movies and nosleep wasn’t helping. I thought, whatever, he said what he said but at least the windows were closed, we’ll talk about it in the morning.

The next morning we woke up to what sounded like twenty men pacing and talking outside our living room. After we got dressed and opened the door to see what all the commotion was about, we saw about eight police officers and yellow caution tape all around our neighbor‘s apartment. That’s when we asked a police officer what had happened. He told us that a man had broke in through an open window and had raped and murdered Lexi, our neighbor. Earlier that morning a police officer had found a crazed man walking the streets covered in blood and women’s jewelry. He confessed immediately to the murder and brought them to where he had committed it . They then told us we were lucky because you could see he tried to open our window unsuccessfully because it was locked shut. That’s when I remembered what had happened the night before…..

I just wish Brandon had told me to call Lexi and tell her too.


Written by Jeanius12
Originally Appeared: NoSleep

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