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Tuesday 12 March 2013

'The Photographs' by Hendetta

A few months ago a friend of mine, who is an up-and-coming nature photographer, decided to spend a day and  night alone in the woods outside of our town. She wanted to get photos of the woods and wildlife in their natural setting, so she could add them to her portfolio.  She wasn't afraid of being alone as she had camped there herself many times before.
She set up a tent in the middle of a small clearing and spent the day taking pictures. She filled up four rolls of film on that trip, but when she went and got them developed, she saw four pictures which unsettled her.  Four pictures which have haunted her to this very day.

Each of the four photographs were not of the local wildlife, but of her  inside the tent, asleep in the middle of the night.


Written by Hendetta (If you have a link for Hendetta, please EMAIL ME and I'll put the link here)
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