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Thursday 13 August 2015

The Vault Creaks Open...

Greetings, traveller.

It has been my good fortune, perhaps misfortune, to have been toiling in the bowels of this damp and mouldy vault for countless eons. Do you like what I've done with the place? In these silent rooms of stone and death, you'll find the most chilling collection of horror stories in existence. We take all sorts here, whether it be one of the masters such as Poe or Lovecraft, or a new breed of storyteller like Auerbach, Bogetic, Cava and Whitehouse.

Each story has been scrawled into the volumes and tomes which surround you. Please, take a look. Peruse the uncanny, the wretched, the twisted and the damned. I'm sure you'll come across a surprise or two. May I suggest taking one of my books and reading it under moonlight, by the graves and sleeping fiends which litter the hillside?

Of course, you'll come back and return any book you borrow, won't you? I wouldn't want to have to come looking for you...

Now, enjoy, peruse our collection of demonic and sinister tales to your blackened heart's content. But be careful, for dreams balance on a knife-edge, between darkness and light. A whispered nudge is all that's needed to plunge you into a nightmare from which you can never escape.

Happy reading. I'll be back soon to check on your progress. Don't wander too far...

~ The Ghast

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